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Much real estate here so Made it really short the water comedown and of course you know this this is goes all the way around the water goes all the way around comes into the ball comes down here’s your trap right here right comedown around and back out down into your trap adapter and down into your pipe soit’s got its own little it’s got its own little trap built right into stand there’s also a self venting deal to part of that the little tube that you see in the in the top of the toilet is actually a one-way vent so it can retail.

In if it needs to to let the water go back down again it’s a self venting arrangement within the toilet it’s kind of a complicated thing so that’s why with the toilet you don’t have to have vent right next to it in fact you don’t want one right next to it you want you want to have a little bit of pipe so that water can get flowing and kind of helps pull it out of the toilet once it pulls out of the toilet it gets down into the big pipe you know a few feet away you can then put your regular vent for the regular drain your toilet vent and a wall somewhere.

Down the way and that’ll help the water continue on down and in through this the that the the DWI v system of your home so it hard to explain when we do it it’ll be crystal clear it’s not that complicated you.

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